More clinics to come...

2017 & 2018

First Monday of Every Month

Nathan is an accomplished Blacksmith and Farrier who specializes in tool building.

He is the owner of Union Forge in NC.

This will be a two day clinic focusing on building punches, fullers, drifts, pritchels and tongs. 

He will be helping with proper building and proper heat treating.

This clinic is limited to 10 attendees so he can provide personal attention.

Cost is: $200 for SCFA members

             $250 for non members

A $100 deposit will hold your spot

Any Questions please call:

Casey Sokol (864)245-0071

Josh Bowles (803)944-1005

Farrier Jam Sessions

Farrier Jam Sessions are monthly gatherings at Freer Equine that are open to veterinarians and farriers who are interested in discussing basic and corrective farriery in a respectful and collegial environment.

We evaluate two cases per month, radiograph them, discuss the clinical and radiographic findings, shoe them, and radiograph them again after shoeing.
At previous meetings, we have had between 15 to 20 farriers and 3 to 6 veterinarians in attendance.

If you are a farrier and are interested in our meetings, you can find us under google groups as Farrier Jam Sessions or you can email Dr. Freer at

with Bibi Freer, DVM

Tool Building with

Nathan Campbell

May 19 & 20 2017

Crescent High

Iva, SC