​Andrew Lewis, CF

​SCFA Vice President

AFA Certified Farrier

Who are we, and what do we do?

   South Carolina Farriers’ Association, (S.C.F.A.) is a group of farriers dedicated primarily to the education of all farriers and horse owners alike.

  We are a state chapter of the A.F.A. (American Farriers’ Association). The AFA is recognized internationally for their high standards in the farrier industry. They set the standards for certification and carry out the task of testing individuals for this. Education and research are two of the primary functions of the AFA. For more information about the AFA, look them up on the internet at Americanfarriers.com

   We challenge and encourage every horseshoer in our state to begin the process of becoming certified. Join the association; get involved in forging a higher standard of living for yourself by becoming a great craftsman/artist. In South Carolina, we have some of the finest Journeyman/Master farriers who are willing to share their knowledge with young men and women who are willing to work to make these skills materialize in themselves. The association can and will make certification testing available.
   Equestrians, if you employ AFA certified farriers you have helped yourself, your horse and the entire horse industry. As you know, No foot, No horse!

Shearer Wludyka, CJF

SCFA Treasurer

AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier


​Benton George

​SCFA Board Member

Jesse Huff

​SCFA Board Memeber

Lucas Huff

SCFA Secretary

Casey Sokol, CF

SCFA Board Member

AFA Certified Farrier

 AFA certification is not just about taking a test. It is a learning process. There are three levels of certification; Certified Farrier, Certified Tradesman Farrier and Certified Journeyman Farrier. Each level of certification requires a lot of work and long hours of forging experience.

Our Strength

​Coy Wilson

​SCFA Board Member

SCFA Officers

Dusty Newby, CF

SCFA  President

AFA Certified Farrier